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i want to try something different and i need suggestions of animal/furry/etc type characters for something to draw
i don't care if it's your most favoritest thing ever or if you just make it up on the spot, give me something
bonus points if you have visual references
  • Reading: also i still need commissions
  • Watching: still poor as shit with urgent medical issues
  • Playing: that aint a thing that's gonna go away
  • Eating: just because you ignore it

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i just noticed your icon is death the kid and i love it, a+ choice
GlassCatfish Jun 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hello and welcome to :icondont-starve-fans:!
We look forward to seeing what you'll contribute to the group, and are happy to have you around!
If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask me or one of our other wonderful admins.

Have fun, and be sure not to starve!
HaruTotetsu Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
As I have said, it wasn't April Fool's day when I posted that message. I live in the UK so at the time it was 1:00am 2nd April.

P.S. I replied here because PK blocked me. Most likely because she thinks I'm a troll, or an ego maniac.
And as I said, nobody cares what time you posted the message. PK doesn't live in your timezone. I'm not surprised that she blocked you, anyway, considering the fuss you made over an obvious joke.
HaruTotetsu Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
But I live in my time zone so naturally I wouldn't apply the idea of it being April Fool's day the same way she didn't apply it to me.

I wasn't really making a fuss, I just think its rude not to try and reply to people, especially since people were assuming I had a problem with her art, when it was such a drastic alteration in her group that bothered me.

Actually, I've never been good with jokes, because people used it as a get out of trouble trick so they could get away with tormenting me so, not good at dealing with jokes personally, so naturally jokes somewhat escape me.
The picture you commented on was still uploaded on April 1st in your timezone, you know, so it's hardly anybody else's fault that you were simply late to the party. You wouldn't complain about a Christmas themed picture if you happened to see it for the first time in July, would you?

But honestly, though, what amazes me is that you wouldn't just automatically assume that a radical change like this announced in such close proximity to the one day where people are expecting pranks and jokes was actually a serious update do the story. Did you just forget what time of year it was?
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LudicrousDemon Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You have been TAGGED on deviantART under grounds of "Because I still remember BEARS BEARS BEARS A BEARS". You may contact a system administrator or your local superintendent at Wal-Mart if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your time.
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